GAC-1 S/PDIF-Pro Digital Audio Cable Assemblies

A 75 ohm cable specifically designed for highest quality transmission of S/PDIF digital data with minimal signal loss. Silver coated Oxygen Free conductor. PE foamed insulation. Double Shielding with both silver coated copper wire braid and foil. Terminated with Deltron 321 Series RCA connectors imported from England. These feature a gold-plated solid center conductor with solid brass, full shroud design body and PTFE insulation.

We also offer two alternative connector choices:

  • True 75 ohm:
    For those concerned with maintaining as close to a true 75 ohm signal chain as is possible with an RCA connector, we offer a crimped connection version using the Canare RCAP-C series 75 ohm RCA plug.
  • Economy:
    For those seeking a high quality product at a lower price point, we offer budget priced assemblies using Amphenol's sturdy and ergonomic RCA connector, with a red die cast shell and gold plated contacts.

      Economy True 75ohm Audiophile
    3 foot: $ 17.75 $ 30.00 $ 35.00
    6 foot: $ 19.75 $ 34.00 $ 37.50
    10 foot: $ 22.00 $ 40.00 $ 40.00


    GAC-1 S/PDIF-Pro Audiophile Digital Audio Cable Assemblies


    GAC-1 S/PDIF-Pro 75ohm Digital Audio Cable Assemblies

    True 75ohm

    GAC-1 S/PDIF-Pro Economy Digital Audio Cable Assemblies



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