GAC-1 Twin Premium Interconnect Cable Assemblies

A lightweight, compact 2 channel (stereo) cable assembly with highest quality RCA connectors. The color coded parallel cables feature our renowned Double Reussen Shielding and a low capacitance Cellular PE insulation.

For the most critical audiophiles we offer these with the Deltron 321 Series RCA connectors. These robust connectors, specially imported from England, feature a gold-plated solid center conductor with solid brass, full shroud design body and PTFE insulation.

Where price and value are important considerations, we recommend the more economical Amphenol ACPR-S connectors. These sturdy and ergonomic RCA's feature a die-cast satin nickel shell with gold plated contacts and a flexible colored grommet (black and red) for easy identification.

Both connectors are premium products that complement the quality of the double-shielded cable.

  Deltron Amphenol
1.5 foot $ 58.00 $ 27.25
3 foot $ 59.75 $ 29.00
6 foot $ 63.25 $ 32.50
10 foot $ 67.75 $ 37.00


GAC-1 Twin Premium Interconnect Cable Assemblies

      Gotham GAC-1 Twin Premium Interconnect Cable Assemblies with Deltron 321 Series RCA Connectors

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