GAC-2111 Mini-TRS Interconnect Cable Assemblies


A very special interconnect cable for use with media players, mobile phones or any other decicies using a tip-ring-sleeve ("stereo") miniplug. Fabricated in Illinois with exceptionally rugged Gotham GAC-2111 cable which is a remake of the legendary EMT 2111 cables that were highly favored by broadcasters and studios in the 1960's and 1970's. This compact (4.5mm outer diameter) and lightweight cable boasts an ultra-strong yet flexible PUR jacket, PE insulation for lower capacitance and Double Reussen Shielding.

The connectors are equally rugged Canare F-12 miniplugs with a full size metal body, 360 degree cable clamp and spring strain relief.

Strength, durability and outstanding sonic performance set thse assemblies apart from the inexpensive imports


6 foot: $ 28.00
10 foot: $ 31.50


GAC-2111 Mini-TRS Interconnect Cable Assemblies

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