HD Coax Cable Assemblies (BNC)

High Definition 75 ohm Coax for Word Clock, AES3id, MADI and SDI Video

Many Gotham customers have asked us to supply coax cable assemblies for distributing Word Clock, 75 ohm AES3id and MADI (AES10) digital audio formats.

We are now able to offer our customers a most impressive coax assembly, manufactured by our friends at Clark Wire and Cable in Illinois. These cables are assembled in the USA with highest quality flexible HD/SDI coaxial cable and true 75 ohm extended bandwidth BNC connectors. Attenuation, internal reflections and impedance mismatches are greatly reduced so as to minimize return loss, cable induced bit errors, pulse rounding and jitter.

The Cable:

Clark Wire CD7506F RG6 ultra-Flexible 4.5GHz HD/SDI Coax meets or exceeds SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M standards for high-definition digital video interconnect applications as well as high sample rate digital audio transmission. Build for use in staging, remote broadcast and patching aplications, the CD7506F utilizes an extra-flexible yet rugged TPE outer jacket, dual braided shields and a video grade, stranded center conductor for exceptional flexibility and flex-life.

The Connectors:

ADC BNC-8 Straight 75 ohm BNC connectors. The industry's truest 75 ohm connectors are built with 100% North American/European precision components and boast outstanding electrical performance well beyond 3GHz. Designed to exceed the rigorous demands of today's telecom, CATV and broadcast environments including SMPTE 424M 1080p, 259, 274, and 292M standards.


BNC Cable Assemblies Pricing
1.5 meter $ 21.95 each approx. 5.0 feet
2.0 meter $ 23.75 each approx. 6.5 feet
3.0 meter $ 26.95each approx. 10.0 feet
6.0 meter $ 35.95 each approx. 19.5 feet



HD Coax Cable Assemblies (BNC)

HD Coax Cable Assemblies (BNC)


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