GAC-2 Two Conductor Mic Cable Assemblies - 20 ft.

Quantities Are Limited!

was introduced as a high quality, two-conductor alternative to the classic Gotham GAC-3 cable that had long been associated with Neumann microphones. Not quite as small and lightweight as GAC-3 and with a bit thicker stranding, GAC-2 nevertheless offered better shielding and higher strand count conductors than most competitive cables. The Double Reussen Shielding common to Gotham GAC-2, GAC-3 and GAC-4/1 provides highly effective protection against RFI.

Gotham GAC-2 Two Conductor Mic Cable

It has proven over two decades to be a cost-effective, high performance product for a very wide range of balanced audio applications that did not require the unique advantages and construction of three and four conductor cables.

In recent years there have been significant price increases for all Gotham cables, but especially for GAC-2. But we now offer a very limited opportunity to acquire assemblies built with Gotham GAC-2 Cable and high quality nickel XLR connectors, at a price that takes you back 6 years.

We simply took our stock of roll remnants, which we have been accumulating since 2004, and cut them to 20 foot lengths for assemblies. Most of these remnant rolls were attractive matte colors.
These remnant rolls were attractive matte colors.

20 ft. lengths available in:


$ 26.00 EACH




Odd Items and Bulk Cable Remnants

In the 4th Quarter of 2021 we are moving most LITTLE SALE ITEMS to webstores on Ebay and REVERB.
The Ebay store lews_electronicsandmore is currently up and running.
The REVERB store will open in February.



2021/2022 SUPER SALE

Available in 25 Meter (83 feet) or 50 Meter (164 feet).
Act now because quantities are limited.

This grade A stock, recent production, cut from remnant rolls into 25 and 50 meter coils. All of these remnants are black. GAC-2 is a high quality, double Reussen shielded balanced cable well suited for a wide range of applications both live and in the studio. A truly great value at a low sale price. Lots of stock.
$0.53 per foot

Our popular unbalanced instrument cable which is also perfect for unbalanced patch cords and interconnect cables. 25 and 50 meter coils.
$0.38 per foot

GAC-2MiniAES Installation Cable
This Double Reussen Shielded Installation Cable is a great value for both Analog and Digital applications where a thick outer jacket (like mic cable jacket) is not required. Also known as console cable or rack wiring cable, this low capacitance cable (24 AWG conductors) offersnoutstanding performance. Available in Black (#10630) or Purple (#10620). 25, 50 and 100 meter lengths
$0.40 per foot

GAC-7 Tube Microphone Cable
Gotham's renowned tube microphone cable, GAC-7,  has not been available from us for several months. But when we reorganized our warehouse we found a 40 meter spool. This is the last time we will offer this cable.  We will cut to length with no minimum order. (Gotham # 20101)
$1.49 per foot

Our best quality cable for S/PDIF Format (75 Ohm) Digital Audio. Acclaimed by audiophiles worldwide. A spectacular discount price. Cut to length or full 100 meter spools. Gotham #10070.
$0.43 per foot

GAC-1 Instrument Cable Assemblies
We are now offering an additional 20% discount off the prices shown for all remaining stock of GAC-1 Instrument Cable Assemblies listed on the GAC Cable Assemblies page.



Your chance to buy short lengths of our double Reussen shielded multipair cables for wholesale prices!

In addition to these we have a stock of short pieces (1-4 feet) of many multipair cables.

We can supply longer lengths of GAC-2pair round, GAC-8 pair, GAC-16 pair and GAC-24 pair.

Also longer lengths of our top of the line QUAD versions of GAC-8pair, 16pair and 24pair.

  GAC-32pair: 5 foot  
  GAC-24pair: 1 meter, 9 foot  
  GAC-24pair: QUAD: 3 foot  
  GAC-16pair: 25 foot, 5 foot  
  GAC-16pair QUAD: 6 foot, 8 foot, 19 foot, 26 foot  
  GAC-12pair: 12 foot, 3 foot  
  GAC-10pair: 18 foot, 14 foot, 10 foot  
  GAC-10pair Austrian: 16 foot  
  GAC-8pair: 38 foot, 26 foot, 17 foot, 7 foot  
  GAC-8pair QUAD: 27 foot, 23 foot, 18 foot, 6 foot, 4.5 foot  
  GAC-4pair: 36 foot  
  DGS-24pair: 10 foot, 14 foot  
  DGS-6pair: 10 foot  


In the 4th Quarter of 2021 we are moving most LITTLE SALE ITEMS to webstores on Ebay and REVERB.
The Ebay store lews_electronicsandmore is currently up and running.
The REVERB store will open in February.



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