Since the mid-1970's, Gotham AG has supplied a superior range of professional audio cable to the recording, production and broadcast industries. Demanding industrial and scientific users have also recognized the outstanding physical characteristics of these cables. Audiophiles have praised their uncommon combination of flexibility, exceptional sonic quality and reasonable price.

Gotham Audio USA is pleased to bring European excellence to the American and Canadian markets, combining it with the professionalism and responsive customer service that were the hallmarks of the Gotham Audio Corporation for three decades.

Gotham Audio USA takes great pleasure in the personal contacts and conversations we have with so many loyal Gotham cable users and former customers of the Gotham Audio Corporation. We have shared so many warm memories of the early days of professional audio; reminiscenses about Stephen Temmer, Jerry Graham, Russ Hamm, Joe Leung and others; and stories about the remarkable Gotham audio cables.

To mention just a few:

technical feedback and other comments...

Klaus Heyne shared his expert opinions on the proper construction of cables that are specifically intended for use with microphones. For years Gotham Audio supported the recommendation made by Neumann’s Stephen Peuss in his paper presented at the 77th AES Convention:

In order to obtain effective protection against high frequencies, it is important… always to connect the cable shield with the appropriate pin of the cable connector at both ends of the cable and with the case.

Gotham insisted that their IC3 cable assemblies connect the cable shield to the connector shell:

The shield must be soldered to the connector shell.

Some have questioned whether this is still necessary, given the improvement in Pin 1 grounding standards. Klaus was pleased to comment:

If not properly shielded and grounded at the connector, mics tend to act as antennae from their tips to the point of connection. On a good number of mics the housing needs to be properly grounded with a shield-to-connector shell connection, as per the 1985 Gotham recommendation regarding RFI.

Alex Martin, who is part of technical team upgrading the recording facilities at the famed Wanamaker Organ National Historic Landmark in Philadelphia, wrote to us regarding his use of low capacitance digital audio cable for long ( > 100 meters) microphone runs:

Jim Stemke and I have been extremely well impressed by the 4 and 8 pair AES snake cabling he ordered last summer…. We had contemplated using an RME fiber optic connection system, but for eight channels it would have cost over $5k. So much as fiber optic may seem snazzy, it’s vastly more cost effective to go with 500 ft. runs of the Gotham AES cable.

R.G.Heck Jr., a New England audiophile, did a thorough test of numerous Gotham interconnect and speaker cables in his high-end system during the summer of 2009. The results are contained in a seven page article that he wrote detailing the system set-up and his impressions of our cables. It concludes :

The following is an account of my experience with using Gotham Audio cable in my two-channel, high-end audio system and, ultimately, of why I have completely rewired the system using GAC-4/1 interconnects, GAC-SPK speaker wire,and GAC-1 S/PDIF-Pro and GAC-2 AES digital cables….. The result of having Gotham wire throughout the system was truly incredible. I have already mentioned the qualities that are so obvious to critical listening: detail, extension, air, space, and the like. But that is not at all what is most impressive about this wire. Rather, the overall effect is that the music just sounds more like music. It is lifelike, natural, relaxed, and involving.

I find that my mind wanders much less when I am listening now than it did just a few short months ago, because it is so much easier just to listen to the music and to forget about music reproduction; to “relax into the illusion”, as I often tell friends when they visit. And thus I find myself thinking those magic thoughts that audiophiles know always mean that they have hit upon something special: “I can’t wait to hear [insert great album here] again!” I find myself pulling out album after album and listening far longer than I’d intended. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Just being able to enjoy music?

It is possible, to be sure, that there are better cables out there. But my experience, and that of the friends to whom I’ve so far sent cables to test, has convinced me that interconnects carefully built from GAC-4/1 and quality connectors can easily compete with cable literally costing fifty or a hundred times as much. It is indeed a “giant killer”.

John Raines writes : “I just got my GAC-3 cables in today and they made an
incredible difference. i tracked a couple acoustic guitar tracks through a simple
AKG C-1000S and it sounded like a million bucks.”

Wave Vidmar, the first American to trek solo to the North Pole, is planning a solo row across the North Atlantic Ocean (from USA to Europe). On his boat he will have microphones, high resolution recorder, and a full music recording studio. Mr. Vidmar commented :

“I’m very familiar with Gotham cable. I did extensive listening tests comparing your cable against many others, some up to $1,000 per meter. The Gotham cable was the cleanest with the most natural soundstage for any cable less than $1,500 a meter/pair. I purchased several spools and have wired up my own studio as well as others, and in fact, used Gotham throughout a custom Porsche audio install. Whenever someone brings up M——- or C——-, I tell them to use Gotham Cables – the best cable that most have never heard of.”

A classical recording engineer in Texas wrote to us in the Spring of 2013 :

I wanted to tell you that no, it is not imaginary, these cables do indeed have a wonderfully soft and mellow sound – it is a real treat after being bombarded by the edginess of the XXXX for so many years. It’s a good coupling with the Millennia which I’m using for pres. I did a side by side of the GAC-3 and the XXXX from both a mid grade AKG 480B and one of my 70’s Schoeps CMT30’s… the sound of the Gotham was just wonderful, and the preferable choice, in my opinion.

Once I got out to the choir recording on Friday night, with the main pair Schoeps on the new 100’ stereo cable, and the stereo Blackspade UM17r’s on the 50’ GAC7.. wow.. just stupendous sounding. … yes… they delivered exactly what I was looking for.

A few weeks later he added:

I’m reviewing the recording I made last weekend – the first recording with ALL Gotham cables. This is also the first concert with 4 of Oliver Archut’s UM17R’s which are unbelievable. My stereo pair and spot mic are the same as before (Schoeps CMT 30’s and U87 70’s issue). A couple of things: The sound is nailing it. For the first time, I am really getting what I’m after sonically.

I am also astounded by the ease of setup and breakdown. SO easy! These cables just lay where they fall. I’ve never had such an easy time working with cable. Usually, it takes 20 minutes to get them pulled and behaving nicely, having to tape down, always curling up and twisting. These just fall there and sit flat. On Friday we had to pull all the tube cables fast so the stage crew could get their risers down, and we had a big ball of thorny cable… it was untangled in minutes! And rolling them up? SO EASY!! and compact! You have some really killer stuff over there, Lew.

Casey Di Iorio is the owner and chief engineer of Valve Studios in Dallas, Texas. In 2012/2013 he began upgrading his studio wiring with Gotham cable assemblies. He notes:

Gotham mic cables have been working great here at the studio. Have noticed a nice difference in the overall sound of the tracks. Definitely more full and stronger sounding with the GAC-3 coming from the microphones. Mic going straight to the Neve console has never sounded better. As for my plate reverb, using the GAC-4/1 for the sends made it sound huge…detail is better and fits in the mix great. And we finally gave the GAC-4/1 a try going from the console to the Barefoot monitors…we were pretty blown away…replacing the original Neve cable with this stuff just gave extended and tight low end…and the top was smooth. Seems like every time Nick and I have done blind tests with all the usual suspect cable brands….Gotham has won….whether for mic, speaker or bnc.

A Canadian audiophile recently decided to test our GAC-4/1 as a solution in his quest for a noise-free installation. Previously he had found it necessary to shield his wiring in copper foil in order to achieve a high level of noise-free fidelity. He wrote to us:

So the old wires in the old place were a bit of a mess. Just so much noise. Wrapping them in the copper foil made them more than useable, but while it dropped the noise it seemed to boost the highs …. It also had a slight coloration. The inputs on the amp are decent, ordinary differential but nothing extreme, while the outputs driving them are your typical commercial pseudo balanced junk, so it’s not enjoying true balanced rejection and cable misgivings then become prominent, through S.C.I.N., as Muncy had written of.

Within the first few seconds of play with GAC-4/1, despite the environment being all new ( I know my system very well), I can tell these are that required level of performance…..I don’t feel like anything at all is lost in the cable, other than the noise. There really isn’t any, or any marring of the audio itself which would be modulated by it via SCIN were it to be at problematic levels. A true testament to the quality of the shield…these offer the kind of neutral and transparency that I’m elated with. Really pristine signal quality.

Also, while the previous setup enjoyed a far more optimal configuration in that both channels were taped together side by side, minimizing the inductive loop area between them and ability to receive nearby noise with it, I took zero extra precaution with these, other than to tuck them nicely strewn about near the speaker wires, with class d RF ripple on them, and the power wires of the amp itself which are very good in terms of EMI but aren’t even in an enclosure, and the power wires for the computer as well. It’s pretty much a worst case test with the results fully attributable to the quality of the shield.

So I am quite satisfied with them, and given their highly competitive price, they’re a no brainer. Other than the expected results, in terms of SCIN reduction, meeting my required level for satisfaction with apparent ease, if any single aspect of them impressed, it would be their lack of any coloration at all….. You sell no nonsense… congratulations.

An engineer in Asia wrote us following his purchase of Gotham mcicrophone cables, Lincoln Route 45 HD Coax and Gotham GAC-4/1UltraPro Interconnects:

As as first, I connected your clock cable to Antelope Trinity, and I got more detail of sound!! This gave I very accurate position of sound and deep depth.
This is a wonderful cable as you said and I reaffirmed the importance of accurate clock cable.

I built the GAC-4/1 Ultra Pro for the connection of monitor speakers. In conclusion this is a really wonderful cable!

It feels like a neutral and flat, silent cable on very high level. I can listen the various noises that occurred during recording more than ever, and can feeling to the processing of each sound.

Together with the clock cable my monitoring environment was able to reach the next level. This is expensive but worth more than that, it seems that audiophile cable using special material is no longer necessary.

A high-end US audiophile was persuaded to try out balanced analog cables ( GAC-4/1) in 2018:

“ the cables I just bought fantastic! I have tried around 5 different balanced cables and yours are the best by far in my system I heard immediate difference in clarity and resolution!”

A US recording studio accepted our challenge to evaluate GAC-4/1UltraPro with their powered monitor speakers. This studio had access to a wide variety of cable and studio monitor products. We received this response after their 2018 evaluation:

WOW! We were super impressed with the line level interconnects you sent. No doubt the bass was tighter, more front to back separation in imagining and a more natural vocal sound with less sibilance from your interconnects vs everything else we had.” As for the other cables they compared against the 4/1UltraPro, one brand came close but the others were “were all clearly not as good.’


Nearly Indestructible...

Elizabeth Daneman of Longleaf Technologies (FL) and Sandpiper Technologies (CA) uses Gotham audio cables in connection with video surveillance and inspection products that meet the data collection needs of research biologists. Elizabeth writes:

If you ever want a testimony for a not so orthodox use of your product which really puts it through the test, let me know. Biologists across the country appreciate the Gotham quality. This cable is nearly indestructible even when packed through the scrub and used in a harsh outside environnment where it is unspooled and spooled day in and day out during this bird’s breeding season. Cheers ! for you are indirectly supporting the recovery of a nearly extirpated species and protecting the habitat in which they live.

Our knowledge of birds is limited to our beloved Baltimore Orioles, but we appreciate the good words from Elizabeth!


Many are unaware that Gotham makes a fine unbalanced cable, GAC-1 , for guitar cords and other instrumental and h/fi applications. Note the comments from Indiana based musican Andrew Funkhouser:

Lew! …these cables really are great. This cable is easily the most dependable cable i’ve used. After nearly a year of use, I still pick my Gotham cable over any other cables around. I’ve never heard even a hint of a crackle or pop while using this cable, which is probably my favorite thing about this cable. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

He did recommend them to his brother Brandon, who wrote:

I still think that your cables are some of the best on the market. Recently at a show my M_____r cable went out. I’m just really glad that I brought your cable along. When I plugged it in it actually sounded better then the M____r. I’m really glad Andrew got those.


This is my first time trying out the Gotham cable and I’m VERY impressed! I’ve been using a combination of Mogami 2524 and Evidence Monorail for a while. Earlier I tried a comparison between my main guitar cable and one I made from the Gotham/Amphenol I ordered from you by going direct from my
2012 San Dimas Pro Mod to the clean channel on my VHT Lead 20.

The Gotham/Amphenol cable was, in my estimation, about 25%-30% LOUDER
…. but, more importantly, the tone was much cleaner and “sparkling” with the Gotham cable. I have not experienced such an exciting discovery since I first learned there was a difference between those $10 Fender cables and anything higher quality. Thought you might want to know about my discovery. I’m definitely a happy and loyal customer. Thanks again!


“ Wanted to give a shout-out to Gotham Audio for their great service and wonderful cables. I’ve made a few recent purchases (misc. mic cables, TRS >XLR), and find their products fantastic and service excellent. They do both bulk cable and “assemblies” , and the prices are very competitive. Nice touch that each cable comes with it’s own tie wrap. I’ve read some things (even on their site) where some years back there were “issues” around service, but the current folks (Lewis Frisch) are wonderful. Not affiliated in any way with ‘em – just a satisfied customer.”
Steve E.

John Raines writes :
“I just got my GAC-3 cables in today and they made an incredible difference. i tracked a couple acoustic guitar tracks through a simple AKG C-1000S and it sounded like a million bucks.”

Wave Vidmar, the first American to trek solo to the North Pole, is planning a solo row across the North Atlantic Ocean (from USA to Europe). On his boat he will have microphones, high resolution recorder, and a full music recording studio. Mr. Vidmar commented :

“I’m very familiar with Gotham cable. I did extensive listening tests comparing your cable against many others, some up to $1,000 per meter. The Gotham cable was the cleanest with the most natural soundstage for any cable less than $1,500 a meter/pair. I purchased several spools and have wired up my own studio as well as others, and in fact, used Gotham throughout a custom Porsche audio install. Whenever someone brings up M——- or C——-, I tell them to use Gotham Cables – the best cable that most have never heard of.”


Many newer speaker and amplifier manufacturers have followed the lead of PASS LABORATORIES, who have made extensive use of our speaker and interconnect cables for many years.

Blumenstein Audio uses our # 50025 speaker cable as a standard accessory for their highly acclaimed loudspeakers. Recently they have been trying our GAC-1 UltraPro in a number of applications related to some of their other products. Owner Clark Blumenstein writes:

“We tried the RCA cable in our own design and absolutely love it. We are also using it for subwoofer input interconnects and that too was a nearly magical improvement. The imaging especially was improved.”

An OEM manufacturer of high-end speakers and audiohile components wrote to us after evaluating our GAC-4/1UltraPro Cable assemblies :

“These cables are seriously good, noise floor had dropped considerably over my C——- wire – this is now my reference balanced cable.”


A distinguished list...

Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable has truly become the cable of choice for leading microphone manufacturers and modifiers including at avrious times Blackspade Acoustics, Big Microphones, Bock Audio, Beeesneez, Fox Audio Research, Lawson, Lucas Engineering, Manley Labs, Avant Electronics, Roswell Microphones, Berliner, Charter Oak, Korby, Stephen Paul Audio, Cathedral Pipes, RMS Audioworks, Walker Microphones, Hamptone, Klaus Heyne’s German Masterworks, Upton Microphones, Vintech and Holmes Engineering.

In recent years several manufacturers of tube microphones have switched from using Gotham GAC-7 to private label or unbranded cable so that they can save a few dollars in the production process and maintain a low shelf price in the stores and catalogs. We obviously can’t publicize the list of those manufacturers who supply Gotham GAC-7 to their irate clients when the Chinese cables they sell with their mics fail in the field. Why didn’t they just sell a good cable in the first place??

Other manufacturers have sought to fatten their profit margin and boost sales by going with more expensive upmarket products that claim to offer superior performance. After all Gotham has been marketing these cables for over 35 years and the current GAC-7 design dates back to the 1980’s, so there must be something newer and better( and more costly) out there ? Right ??

More than a few customers have found that newer and more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Note what a seller on E-Bay posted (11-01-2013) concerning his custom ADK microphone, originally fitted with Accusound Cable:

FOR SALE : ADK Custom Shop TC 67-Au. The GK67 Capsule offers 3dB lower Self-Noise (3dB more Head-Room). 60’s vibe w/ Slightly Mellow Tone.
Microphone (Custom Shop) Features Class A Valve Microphone Hand-Assembled in USA ECC-803s Valve… includes 1 × 10’ Accusound CX-7 Studio Pro 7-PIN Tube Mic Cable.

He added : Included is a 5’ Gotham tube mic cable with Neutrik connectors I had custom made. It opened up the microphone a little more.

Gotham Audio LLC has also supplied our MiniAES multipair cable to Mytek Digital, GAC-4/1 to ITI Audio Designs, GAC-3 to Nebraska Educational Television and GAC-2 and GAC-2/1 Cables to Broadcast Equipment Inc. National Public Radio installed Gotham GAC-3, GAC-4/1 and GAC multipair in the new NPR facility in NYC.

Amile of GAC-4/1 graced a new 2011 installation at Lincoln Center in NYC

Bernie Becker, the LA based mastering engineer and longtime mixer for Neil Diamond, rewired his mastering suite with Gotham GAC-2AES digital audio cable.
His son Dale has made extensive use of our GAC-12pairAES digital multipair cable for various projects. James Guthrie has used Gothaml audio cables extensively over the years including a 2016-2017 home studio installation for Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters with GAC-2AES and GAC-12pairMini-AES.


solved some truly nasty RF problems...


An engineer from a London post-house sought us out when other attempts to eliminate RFI had failed :

Thanks so much for all the help with the previous order, the GAC-3 with KH grounding worked like a charm and sorted out our RF interference problems. Consequently, we now would like some more!

A studio-support technician in NYC requested to try some Gotham microphone cable after a Manhattan studio’s problems with RFI were presented to him:

“Recently I was contacted by audio mixer at a New York City post-production facility who told me he was listening to a Katy Perry song coming down his mic line. This was (understandably) causing problems with his voice recording, and he asked if I could help with the issue. The mic cable was new and wired correctly, so I tried a few other fixes such as landing the overall shield on the installed multi-pair mic cable, and grounding the mic connector panel, but the pesky local pop station was still coming through.

A call to Neutrik steered me to Lewis Frisch at Gotham Audio who explained that most mic cables are not built to withstand high levels of RF from the local stations. He also noted that the widely accepted practice of NOT terminating shields directly to the XLR connector shell is a contributing factor in many RFI problems experienced with microphones. He suggested we use a cable that connected the double Reussen shields to both the connector shell and Pin 1, according to the original Neumann recommendations that are so frequently cited by microphones experts such as Klaus Heyne.

He sent over the GAC-3(KH) mic cable and…nothing but silence. Thank you Gotham Audio for providing a cable that keeps the vexing sounds of today’s pop radio at bay! Jim Sorensen – StudioTek Systems

Canadian Voice-Over talent Graeme Spicer recently approached us regarding some very thorny RFI issues in his production room. Before he attempted any further elaborate technical solutions, we recommended that he simply swap his Canare mic cable for a Gotham GAC-3 with shields grounded to the connector shell, as per the traditional Neumann and Klaus Heyne recommendations. Graeme wrote to us after doing the swap:

“Living two miles from the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, I thought that RF interference in my home voiceover studio was simply a matter of fact that I could do little about. I had tried more expensive mic cables with ferrite beads, the works.

Then I discovered Gotham Audio’s reasonably-priced GAC-3 microphone cable, modified with the shield grounded to the shell (like they did it in the old days). It totally solved my RFI problem – I would happily have paid twice the price. Highly recommended!

Another comment from an engineer in Toronto who wrote to us ever so upset about RFI problems with his beloved U-87 :

“I had been battling some nasty radio interference in Toronto and the best solution I found was the GAC-3 cabling! A lot of people I asked around town told me I was just doomed by the CN Tower if a simple ground didn’t work! For such a reasonable price Gotham saved the day! Thank you!” Michael Wise 2014

Another Canadian, Derek DiFilippo, wrote us regarding his facility in British Columbia:
I’ve been using the cables you sold me with my two Gefell UM70s microphones. One in particular was suffering from a bad RFI problem… now all gone! I captured some of the best vocal sounds I’ve ever obtained this weekend using the Gefells (which have not changed) and the cables… which have been stellar. Now I see those cables as an extension of the microphones & won’t use those mics without them ever again..

A studio in South Florida was plagued with problems when they plugged in their instruments :” I need to order guitar cables that have a great electrical interference rejection. Every cable I have has some sort of interference, and I have to twist around to find a “perfect” spot which usually doesn’t last very long…”

Would Gotham GAC-1UltraPro prove to be the solution ? We sent him two cables to try out. The result :“ Just wanted to let you know that the cables are AMAZING. I called my wife to the studio to hear the difference. When I plugged the M——r cables back, she told me to spare her the pain ! When I plugged the Gotham cables in, all of the fuzz/distortion disappeared. This is amazing – I knew I could fix this issue with your product I’m super happy.”

Tom Trucco at Orchard Productions in Chicago and Shane Rhoads in Cedar Hill, Texas also experienced relief from RFI when they replaced their mic cable with Gotham GAC-3 cable wired with the shields grounded to the connector shell. They join literally hundreds of studio owners who have had similar experiences eliminating tenacious RFI with a simple cable swap.


On-Line Praise for Gotham...

When I was looking for some mic cables for “The Listening Sessions Meets Bozzio” project with Ronan Chris Murphy, I ran into Gotham Audio LLC. I remembered Gotham from back in the day with Stephen Temmer, when they used to be the only place in the US to get Neumann mics. And if you ordered a Neumann mic they came with Gotham cables. So, we gave them a shot. The cables performed beautifully and – even more importantly – quietly. I’ve used and tested hundreds of products since TLS started in the fall of 2002. And I’ve always been striving to find and let the audio community know about great products and great values. I was surprised at how affordable the Gotham Audio Cables are. Excellent quality.

Dan Richards (Dot),, 05-05-06