Sunday March 15, 2009

ULTRA PRO 2 AND 4/1 : A new range of high end cables featuring our newest concepts in multiple layers of shielding and our acclaimed UltraPro jacketing and low capacitance insulation. Also new cables for CAT5E and AC power

Gotham Audio LLC Introduces Mic Cable Assemblies
Sunday May 1, 2005

Gotham Audio LLC offers a complete line of microphone and other cable assemblies featuring double Reussen shielded Gotham cable. These cables are assembled in professional cable fabrication shops and offer the outstanding quality and excellent value that distinguish Gotham products. They truly are “The Better Choice.”

Friday April 29, 2005

These four, eight and twelve pair cables are extremely versatile, combining highly stabilized 110 Ohm impedance through Starquad Twinax construction with double Reussen shielding. The end result is a compact and highly flexible cable well suited for both analog and digital applications.

Gotham Expands Speaker Cable Menu
Friday April 29, 2005

While most associate Gotham Audio Cables with microphones, in recent years Gotham has developed a full line of excellent speaker cables. These products are distinguished by highly flexible jackets and finely stranded conductors—- the same characteristics that have attracted so many to Gotham mic cables.