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2017 Super Sale

A few years ago the factory had some problems with the quality of the PVC jacketing on a few runs of products. In some cases the printing was nearly invisible. In other cases the jacketing just did not have the nice look and feel of our usual production. In all cases, the cable itself was totally usuable, with unchanged electrical and sonic characteristics. In 2017 we are offering the remaining "B Stock" rolls at DRAMATICALLY REDUCED PRICES.

Available in 25 Meter (82 feet), 50 Meter (164 feet) and 100 Meter (328 feet) lengths.
Act now because quantities are limited.

Our Best 2 Conductor Mic and Interconnect Cable
$ 0.55 per foot

GAC 3-5-8mm
The Classic Gotham 3 Conductor Microphone Cable
$ 0.58 per foot

Highly Acclaimed Audiophile Interconnect Cable
$ 0.62 per foot
Low Capacitance Quad
(ideal for line level interconnects, especially active speakers and extended length mic cables)

GAC-1 Red or Grey
Our popular unbalanced instrument cable
$ 0.32 per foot
These runs were perfect except that the wrong part number was printed on the cable.

We also have a large variety of "A" stock, recent production GAC-2 remnant rolls. Available in specially priced 4 packs (see listing below) or on assorted length single roll remnants for $ 0.51 per foot. Let us know about how much you need and we'll find a roll that works for you. All of these remnants are black. GAC-2 is a high quality, double Reussen shielded cable well suited for a wide range of applications both live and in the studio. A truly great value at this low sale price.

Posted by: Lewis Frisch

An exceptional price on GAC-2 double-shielded microphone cable and GAC-3 in colors plus some specially priced GAC-2pair and a DIY special on DGS-1 Unbalanced Cable.

Posted by: Lewis Frisch

ONE TIME SAVINGS : Special pricing on less-than-roll quantity remnants. Big discounts on some of our most popular cables. Multipair Remnants Too.

Posted by: Lewis Frisch

Current specials on microphone cable assemblies made with Gotham GAC-3, GAC-4/1 and GAC-2. New AC Power Cables.Po

Posted by: Lewis Frisch

We have substantial inventories of Gotham’s 16300 series which were purchased before the 2006 price increases.While supplies last, we can offer these at a huge price reduction compared to our 2006 price list.