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Gotham Audio Cables are designed, manufactured and distributed worldwide by the Swiss company, Gotham AG. Since 1985, Gotham AG has continually added new cable products to the line and developed a distribution chain that has made this European product the cable of choice for professionals and audiophiles on every continent.

Gotham Audio LLC was founded in November 2004 to provide American and Canadian clients with a reliable and responsive source for Gotham Audio Cables. We were committed to maintaining readily available inventories of the complete Gotham product range, at competitive prices and with the highest level of personal service. Every aspect of our operations reflected the Gotham tradition of professionalism and excellence.

In 2019, Gotham AG ended the LLC's distribution of Gotham Audio cables in the USA and Canada, but the distinguished heritage of Stephen Temmer and the Gotham Audio Corporation continues on by way of our new companies. Gotham Audio (USA) and Gotham Audio Sales Co.

We are committed to preserving the use of the Gotham Audio name and Temmer's trademark logo in a manner that honors one of the great names in the history of professional audio. We began our association with Stephen Temmer's Gotham companies in January 1985 and have a  direct knowledge of what the brand so proudly stood for in our industry. Our years of close association with Jerry Graham and Russ Hamm deepened our appreciation for Gotham's legacy of professionalism and excellence. In every way, we strive to carry on its best traditions as expressed in their 1970's catalogs:

GOTHAM has tried to be "all things to some people," while most other suppliers of our industry try to adhere to the time-worn slogan of "all things to all people." In a highly profit-motivated world filled with manufacturers attempting to attract a mass market by watering down good engineering with inferior materials and workmanship, it is good to know that there are still companies of the Old World tradition, owned by people devoted to their craft, who find personal satisfaction in excellence. GOTHAM AUDIO devotes itself to engineering advice and the dignified distribution and service of their products.

We are especially proud of our Lincoln Heritage Series cable assemblies, many of which feature Gotham Audio Cable.They embody an "Honest Abe" approach to professional and consumer audio cabling : no hype, no buzzwords, no smoke & mirrors. Steve Temmer would endorse Lincoln's words : " Whatever You Are, Be a Good One."


How to Order Gotham Audio Cable:

Orders for shipment to US and Canadian addresses should be placed directly with Gotham Audio (USA). Your orders will be shipped from our deeply stocked warehouse located near Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064. We do not maintain a network of distributors.

Here at Gotham Audio (USA), we take orders the old-fashioned and personal way:
by phone, fax or email.

We do not offer an automated webstore, preferring to maintain personal relationships with all our clients. Given widely circulated misinformation and unsubstantiated personal opinions about audio cable, we believe it is important to discuss choices, priorities and applications with all clients so as to assure that the cables chosen are always both the best value and appropriate technology for the tasks at hand.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal®. 90% of our retail transactions process through PayPal®. We also accept commercial and institutional Purchase Orders with approved credit.

With the exception of the pricing on our SALE ITEMS page, prices shown on this website are LIST ("retail" or "MSRP") prices strictly for reference purposes. We do not have any minimum order requirements and most of our products can be purchased in either full rolls or cut lengths.

All customers should contact us for a discounted price quotation.

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